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Mission and Vision.

As mentioned in the section of, “Our Story,” Good Shepherd recently launched the Matthew 28 Taskforce, of which an essential element is visiting and revising our Mission and Vision statements for this decade of the 21st century and beyond, to do the work of the Great Commission in our changing community and to the ends of the earth.

Our current Mission Statement reads, “By God’s grace and authority, we will grow and serve in faith by actively sharing the Good News with the community and all people, with Jesus Christ as our focus and with the power and joy of the Holy Spirit.”

Prayerfully, we go forward and invite you to check back soon for our work in this area, and Vision, which is directly aligned with the established Mission. But to give a simple explanation for the moment, it is about our response to the incredible love of our Savior Jesus Christ who has saved us, and this work of bringing the Gospel to the world and living it out in faith here, by grace, is what we are about, what we do, in thought and word and deed.