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Who We Are

Academy Model

The Academy is established to serve high school aged students who want a new alternative to the traditional high school career path. It is a college prep, tech prep and career prep type of institution.

PASSION Academy students will have the opportunity to be hands-on and learn industry specific topics tailored specifically to each student’s career “PASSION” to go along with their traditional ABEKA curriculum. Jr. and Sr. students will have the opportunity to be partnered with internships and mentors specific to their career passion.

As a “Capstone” based curriculum, students will be required to complete weekly discussions, APA style college level research papaers, as well as a “Semester Long Project – SLP” all of which will be tailored specifically to match the student’s professional career path they desire. The semester will culminate in each student presenting their SLP to faculty and industry mentors.

PASSION Academy consists of 7 different institutes that encompass a very wide selection of potential career paths students may choose from as their “PASSION”. Students can switch between institutes throughout their High School career (must complete at least 1 quarter per institute) in order to better understand what they may be passionate about.

The course load for each student will be very writing intensive, they will learn how to conduct research, write an essay in APA Style format and how to present their findings through public speaking.

The Academy will also serve to teach students about finding what their God-given gifts are and their personality type so they can relate them to their career path. Additionally, the Academy will try to instill in all students what it means to be a Christian in the workplace.

They will also learn about  professionalism, business communication, proper conduct in the workplace, how to dress in a formal, semi-formal, business-casual, casual setting. The Academy classroom has been intentionally designed to look and feel like a professional office and boardroom so that students may feel more comfortable when going to their first job interview.