Christ Centered Education

Our mission

Foster a love of Christ in the hearts of our students; create lifelong learners dedicated to excellence and encourage our students to a life of serving God and others.

to Good Shepherd!

Our philosophy takes commitment. The commitment is not to a program, a building, or even a profession. Our commitment is to God and the students and families that He entrusts to our care. Our students don’t learn to be like other Christians, they learn to be like Christ. We aim for our students to reach their full academic potential and thrive in a world that values kindness and compassion.
Our educators are committed to the students and uphold a high level of standard, supported by positive motivation, differentiated instruction and encouragement. We provide an advanced, blended Christian based curriculum that includes: religion, science/engineering, technology, art, adaptive math learning, language arts, college writing, music, foreign language, history, STEM and social studies.

What parents are saying...

“The teachers are very loving and caring to my son. The office staff is wonderful too! My son and I could not be happier!!!”
“The staff truly cares. My daughter has been there for almost a year. I love the fact that they inform me when she is not feeling well.”

“Wonderful staff and kids. My kids have been attending Good Shepherd for years and I can’t complain!”
Jen F.
“My daughter Gracelyn loves the school, teachers and staff. I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants their child to excel academically and spiritually.”
Jill S.

Volunteer opportunities abound.
The Lord Jesus is calling you, follow Me. Go make disciples of all nations. Whatever you do for the least of these you do for Me. Love one another. And more. We have worship help needs, ushers, lay Bible readers, Sunday School teaching, kitchen help needs, clean up needs, the Food Pantry- Good Shepherd’s Storehouse, singing in the choir, playing a musical instrument in our services, from Organ to Guitar, Trumpet to Flute, helping in the Sunday nursery, you name it (working with children in some settings require background checks which we provide for).
There are ways of serving from spiritual care assistance, prayer chain, and more. Things are busy here at Good Shepherd. God needs people here to be his heart and hands and voice in Christ Jesus.
Contact the Church and ask pastor, “How can I help?” and he will talk to you about that.

Accreditation & Partners

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Matthew 19:14

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