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Focus on S.T.E.M.

The main goal at the heart of S.T.E.M. education is preparing students for the challenges in the workforce of the future in a fun and engaging manner. Through team challenges and hands-on learning, we aim to cultivate a passion and affinity within all of our students.

S is for science, which is the starting principle in S.T.E.M. Through science we may create real-world solutions and share them with each. Other creating a stronger future while also having a lot of fun!  

T is for technology. In today’s modern world we are more reliant on technology in our daily lives than ever before. Due to this, we incorporate technology into as many aspects of our program as possible. 

E is for engineering. Everything we do and enjoy in today’s modern society first had to be imagined and built. We make sure to put the power in our students’ hands by focusing heavily on team-building projects utilizing many of today’s popular icons. I.E. Lego, Minecraft ETC. 


M is for mathematics. Traditionally math was not the most fun subject, but with S.T.E.M. we have a chance to breathe fresh life into this field. Math will be a core component of the program  lying at the heart of all of our exercises. Creating a healthy respect with practical applications in all of our students. 

“Engineering is all around us, so it’s often taken for granted. Ask yourself, what do I touch that is not engineered? Engineers develop and deliver consumer goods; design the transportation network of highways, air and rail travel; create and improve the internet; mass produce antibiotics; create artificial heart valves and other life saving medical devices; build lasers; and make wonders such as imaging technology and conveniences like microwave ovens and compact discs even possible. In short, engineers make our quality of life possible.”

– Bill Wulf, Former President, National Academy of Engineering

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