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sundays- 10:00 a.m.

Traditional Worship.

Traditional uses the Lutheran Service Book and the Divine Service liturgies with all of their theologically and historically rich heritages, and the classic Gottesdienst worship structure, with ties back to, for instance, the Formula Missae of 1523, and the Deutsche Messe of 1526, and even further back tracing its origins to the worship forms passed down from the earliest days of the Church with its theological riches and its Greek and Roman past, the to the era of the New Testament Apostles and even to the Old Testament.  This heritage we continue with current day hymnody found in the LSB, and the celebration of Holy Communion every week. Included in this you will find Confession and Absolution, the Kyrie and Hymn of Praise, the Holy Scriptures, the Homily, other elements like the Preface and Proper Preface, the Sanctus, the Agnus Dei, and so forth.  The pastor as such is fully vested in this service.    We invite you to share in this beautiful and meaningful, timeless event of the Ministry of Word and Sacrament.  Contact the pastor at pastordavis@goodshepofnfm.com if you have any other questions.